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Stephanie Claire James is an author from Staffordshire, England.

She enjoys writing stories that include myths, legends, and creatures of the world from throughout human history, and always with a sprinkling of magic.

Her debut YA fantasy novel is available now!

Writing under her real name, Stephanie Woolliscroft, she has captured the imaginations of the children she used to care for, in the Woolly Jumpers Crew picture book series.

Join the children as they go on another magical adventure at a new destination.

Your mind holds the key to the endless possibilities of imagination. Discovering a fantastical new world in the pages of a book, or in the scenes of a movie can change your life. Creating that world yourself, writing those words, filling those pages will forever change the person you are meant to be. Writing is not simply a hobby; it is a way of life.

My Books

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