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Since I was a child, I have found myself lost in the worlds created by others; falling down a rabbit hole, sailing the seven seas, dancing at a ball wearing a muslin gown.  It didn't take long for my own imagination to take hold and for my words to fill many a notebook.

At the age of eleven I completed my first story. A young boy, interestingly called Fish, was burned at the stake in his African village for stealing the only cup of water in the middle of a drought. Though the grammar and comprehension left much to be desired, this piece of homework sparked a light within the weird and wonderful place that is my mind.


I began writing my first novel at the age of eighteen. Though the troubles of life caused many a writer's block, I found a love for the worlds I had created. In 2017 I took the terrifying step into the land of querying. With each rejection my confidence in my own writing increased. Yes, they did not feel my story was right for them, or they didn't have the space for another book of that particular genre, but having so many professionals tell me that my work was worth something and to not stop in my efforts to find an agent was incredibly uplifting. I wasn't kidding myself. I had found a talent and there was no way I was going to give up.

After a full rewrite, I finally finished my first novel. I am excited to share the entirety of the series with the world.

Picture books - For over eight years, I worked within childcare, and created close bonds with the children I cared for. Observing such vivid imaginations was an honour, and something that inspired me to create my own books for children. After a lifetime of copying cartoons, I worked on my own skills, and illustrated the stories I wrote based on the children and the places we visited.

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