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Book One


Lily Cartwright is a troublemaker.

Or at least that is what the Light World council members in Los Angeles say.

After the death of her mother, Lily pushes the limit of the laws the council put in place to protect humankind from the communities of creatures that live amongst them. To stop the council from taking Lily into their care, it is suggested that she move back to her home country of England, and attend the prestigious Kensington Boarding School, joining her childhood best friends.

'The key, the key, the key...'

The same two words stalk Lily over the Atlantic, seeping through the security of her new life. But why?

Is it because of her mother's mysterious past in the Dark World?

Is it because of the mistrustful actions of the council?

Is it because of Lily herself?

Can she and her friends survive long enough to discover the truth?

Or will they forever be lost in a world they never expected to cross into?

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