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My Top 10 Musicals

10. The Sound of Music

When Naval Captain Georg Von Trapp requires a new governess for his seven children, Maria's convent offer her for the job. Through beautiful musical numbers and a sense of freedom and fun, Maria gains the respect and love of the children, and their father. With a monstrous war about to shake their country of Austria, the Von Trapp's must find a way to keep themselves safe and escape.

9. The Greatest Showman

With a head full of dreams and a humdrum life, Phineas Taylor Barnum risks everything he has to put on the show of a lifetime. The lights are lit and the seats are filled; and though a growing crowd boos from the street, Barnum keeps reaching for more. Putting his dreams ahead of those he loves, Barnum must make the choice between fame and family.

8. Chicago

When 'wrongly' convicted women find themselves on Murderess Row, they must use the glitz and glamour of the jazz-age to become stars, saving their necks from the hangman's noose.

7. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Welcome to the weird and wonderful mind of Richard O'Brien. When Brad Majors and Janet Weiss break down in the middle of a storm, they seek the use of a telephone in a mysterious castle. The occupants, consisting of strange siblings Riff-Raff and Magenta, somewhat hysterical Columbia, creation Rocky Horror, and the master of the castle Frank-N-Furter, pull the unsuspecting couple into a world of music, science, and debauchery.

With cross-dressing, hypnotism, and aliens, there's nothing more you could possibly want for this brilliant cult masterpiece.

6. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Have you ever wondered why Mrs Lovett's pies taste so good? Or how the charming Sweeney Todd became such a good barber? Through these incredibly produced songs you will be transported into a London that will make you never accept the offer of a free shave again.

5. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

With a great amount of imagination and the use of a magical flying car, inventor Caractacus Potts and sweet factory heiress Truly Scrumptious must work with the children of Vulgaria, to trump the corrupt government and save the Potts children and their grandfather.

4. Phantom of the Opera

Whilst performing at the Paris Opera House, Christine captures the heart of her phantom tutor the Opera Ghost, which brings jeopardy to the love she shares with the noble Viscount Raoul De Chagny.

3. Moulin Rouge

When penniless writer Christian, teams up with Toulouse-Lautrec and his Bohemian friends to put on a play that will save the most famous underworld club, the Moulin Rouge, he fans the flames of love between himself and the beautiful courtesan Satine. Can their love defeat the menace of the financier Duke and keep the Moulin Rouge's doors open?

2. Les Misérables

19th-century French convict Jean Valjean spends a decade on the run from the persistent Inspector Javert. Being indirectly responsible for the death of ex-factory worker Fantine, Valjean rescues her daughter Cosette, determined to give her the life her mother never had.

Falling for the student Marius as rebellion rages, Cosette must face a torturous night not knowing who will succumb to the guns and fall at the barricade.

1. Rock of Ages

All the big names in rock have played at the Bourbon Club on the Sunset Strip, including the infamous and tumultuous Stacee Jaxx. With growing financial problems, Dennis Dupree must come up with a way to keep his club open.

New girl Sherrie Christian and barman Drew Boley must navigate the temptations within the world of rock and roll to secure their love for one another.

With awesome songs and head-banging guitar solos, this musical never fails to put me in a great mood. I've managed to see a live stage performance in which the story is slightly different; never the less it was an incredible experience that left me revisiting the soundtrack over and over again.

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